Superior Mint - 5A

This is the absolute, top-of-the-line, best used golf ball you can purchase. We take it a step above the rest to sort out the near-perfect used golf balls that look and feel brand new.

Superior Mint grade used golf balls are those that have been barely used and have no signs of wear and tear. These balls will have a consistent coloring and a clean, glossy finish. They may have small non-offensive logos from previous use.

These golf balls are carefully inspected, sorted, and graded by experienced professionals who have a keen eye for detail. Only the bestperforming and most visually appealing golf balls make it into this highest tier grading category

When you hit a Superior Mint used golf ball, you can expect exceptional performance and accuracy, as the ball will have a consistent and predictable flight path. These balls are perfect for golfers who want to experience premium golf balls without the premium price tag.

In summary, Superior Mint used golf balls are the best of the best in the world of used golf balls. They are carefully selected, thoroughly inspected, and offer exceptional performance and quality that is on par with new golf balls.

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Our refinished golf balls are an excellent choice for golfers who want to enjoy the performance and feel of premium golf balls at a fraction of the cost. We take high-quality used golf balls that have been carefully inspected and graded as ‘5A Mint’ and then put them through a meticulous refinishing process. This process includes stripping the old paint, thoroughly cleaning the ball, and then applying a new, durable coat of paint that looks and feels just like new.

Our refinished golf balls are all graded as ‘Superior Mint 5A’ before the refinishing process begins, ensuring that you’re getting the highest quality used balls available. And because we use a variety of premium golf ball brands, including Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, and more, you can be sure that you’re getting a top-notch ball that performs just as well as its brand new counterpart.

Not only are our refinished golf balls an affordable option for golfers, they’re also an environmentally friendly choice. By giving used golf balls a second life, we’re reducing waste and conserving resources. So whether you’re a beginner, a casual player, or a serious golfer, our refinished golf balls are a great choice for your next round.

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Near Mint - 4A

Near Mint grade used golf balls are slightly lower in quality than Mint grade golf balls, but they are still considered to be in near-perfect condition. These golf balls will have been used minimally and will have a clean appearance with only minor signs of wear and tear, such as small scuffs or marks

Near Mint used golf balls are also inspected and sorted by experienced professionals who look for only the highest-quality balls with minimal blemishes. These balls may have some minor cosmetic imperfections, such as player or company logos, but these markings will not affect the ball’s performance.

When hit, a Near Mint used golf ball should perform similarly to a new golf ball, with predictable flight characteristics and a consistent feel off the clubface. These balls are ideal for golfers who want high-quality golf balls but at a more affordable price than new balls.

Overall, Near Mint used golf balls are an excellent choice for golfers who value performance and quality, but do not want to pay the premium price for new golf balls. They offer excellent value for money, and are a popular choice among golfers of all skill levels.

Near Mint - 4A

Good - 3A

Good grade used golf balls are the next tier down in terms of quality, but they are still in very good condition. These balls will have been played with, but will have only minor signs of wear and tear, such as small scuffs or marks, and may have some slight discoloration or player markings.

While these balls may not look as clean and pristine as higher grade balls, they are still inspected and sorted for quality by experienced professionals to ensure that they meet strict standards. These balls are ideal for golfers who are looking for a good balance of value and performance.

When hit, Good used golf balls should still perform well and offer good distance and accuracy. However, their flight characteristics may be slightly less predictable than higher grade balls due to their minor imperfections.

Overall, Good used golf balls offer a good option for golfers who want to save money but still want a ball that performs well. They are a popular choice for golfers who play frequently and want to avoid paying the premium price of new golf balls.

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